Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cheyanne Church

Can you guess where I went every single day in the holidays? Well if you guessed church so are right.

In the holidays we went to church every single day. We wake up at 9am .On Sunday we had to stay at church for an hour. Then the rest of the week we had to stay there for half -hour .

At church we listened to the father.And then we take the bread and wine.Then we sat down and at the end the music plays .We go out of the church.

I like Church  because It Is Interesting  to learn about God and Jesus .

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cheyanne Frogs

Frogs are green and different colours, and they can jump very high.Their eyes are big and bulging.

They can look anywhere, and have big bulging eyes so they can find food .Their eyes are big like a ball .

Frogs are good at jumping. The legs on frogs are long. Did you know you can eat frogs legs? The frogs legs are muscular and flexible to get away from enemies.

Frogs will eat most anything Tadpoles eat the food in the pond like green slime.
Tadpoles don’t eat the same as frogs Frogs eat meat and insects on land.

Frogs need to be in a wet damp place because they need to breath out of the skin.
Frogs lay on wet damp place to keep the skin wet. So if you see a frogs don’t leave it in the sun put in a wet or damp place.

I Think of frogs are fast and cool but I like Tadpoles.

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