Friday, October 25, 2013

My First Day at Pt England School

Title: My First Day at Pt England
On my first day of school My Step mum and My Dad dropped me off at school. I was going to be in room 13 but then My brother was in that class , so They put me in room 12.
My Teacher Was Mrs Barks.When I  walked in the classroom I felt Happy and Joyful but at the same time all of the kids where  just looking at me like I did something wrong .
But there were 2 bad things ,the 1st bad thing was I didn’t know anyone at that school apart from My brother ,the 2nd  bad thing was on that  day I  Started , Cross Country was on. I was not happy about  Cross County  because  I don't like It . But I still ran the Cross Country track but that was fun I didn’t know that I would enjoy It .

The Phantntom of the subway (Geronimo Stilton)

There was a ghost Hauner in the  New Mouse city subway Tunnels Geronimo  Whiskers were trembling with terror at the thought of it. But he knew that he had to get the scoop for the rodent gazette so he set off to investigate. Little did He know that he was in for the fright of his life but it turned out to just be a cat.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Kia ora    koutou      kua hui mai nei    tenei kura   ki te kawe mai   tga whakaaro  

Greetings to   you all   who have   gathered here   to this school   to bring Good  thoughts 

pai   Ka nui te koa     mo   to koutou   kaha    kaha   ki    te haere mai  ki    te korerorero i 

Great is   the happiness   for your support   in coming    to discuss   

nga kaupapa     e pa ana    ki Tenei kura.

The topics     concerning        this school.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Phantom of The Subway (Geronimo Stilton)

I got this book Because I love the Geronimo Stilton Books and they are funny and I just really  injoy to read Geronimo Stilton Books

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four shot movie


Cheyanne gets into position to throw the ball into the hoop she gets it in the hoop but out pops a tennis ball.

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Boring Holiday

The 1st Day
On the 1st day of the Holiday We stay home, and you all know that staying home is boring .Well it is boring for me.Then it got more fun as the day went by, My step mum Robyn said we had to go outside because it was a Beautiful day to play in the sun.So we went out and had some fun guess what we played? We played  tag around the house.And then Robyn ask if later we wanted to watch some movies and we all said yes.So we went to video ezy and pick out some movies and then we watch them.And I fell asleep on the 2nd movie .
2nd Day
On the 2nd day My cousin came over to see the family and I .They ask what are  we are up 2 in the holiday. Well most of our holiday are  so so boring .So we decided to go down and have a look and swim at the Pt England beach. We stay there about 2-3 hour and then we wanted to go and have something to eat we want and had fish and chips .When we got home they decided to go .So we said goodbye and off they went.

The 3rd Day
On the 3rd day we just stay home and that was so so boring. There was nothing to do. But go on my netbook but I didn’t want to go on my netbook it is so boring just playing game on a netbook all day. My brother can stay on his netbook playing  games all day that is so Boring. So I went to sleep for something to do and then I woke up at 5:30.And dinner was ready so we ate I went on My netbook for a little bit  but the time went fast it was time for bed. but I wasn't tired so I did A all nighter with my Brother.

The 4th Day
On the 4th day It was my Cousin Hannah’s Birthday.We went to the movie to see smurf 2. And That  was cool she love it she was laughing and talking a lot  But I think that was little Kids are like.She is coming to .At the moment she is at pt england kindergarten But she will be coming to Pt England school When school starts again. And she is going to love it at school.

And the Rest Of the holiday were boring But I don't know till the holiday are over I think it is still going to be boring .