Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am a Giant

The Moment I woke up. I Discovered to my amazement that. I was the size of a Giant today was going to be a very interesting day indeed.
When I woke up I was shocked because I was a giant.I could not get through the door. So I did not have breakfast . That day went fast,  It was now lunch and I still could not get through the door .
So I busted the roof of the house and went outside.I was looking Around.People  were just looking at me. And they said  Attack Attack. So they all started  Attacking me.
So I ran Back to my house, And all of the people were Started to Camp around me house till  came out.I was thinking to myself oh no what Am I.
I think If i go to sleep I will wake up and not be a Giant.So I went to sleep and I woke up  In the morning.And Guess what  I woke up not to be a Giant Now I am so happy I am a Human

Friday, June 21, 2013

Thinking Hat

Red Hat: What I Felt  about this week was making the movie and making the movie it with my friend

Green Hat: Some Interesting thing about making a movie was I learn how to hold an Ipad  and being nice to the group member and to the other
Black Hat : What I didn't like was working with the little Kids because they didn't listen  to me and the  group membe
Yellow Hat : What I injoy was making to movie and using the Ipad
White Hat : What I learnt  was how  to edit the movie and upload it into Imovie
Blue Hat :What I need to work on is  work faster on the movie and get help if I need it  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Best Friends

Hi my name is Cheyanne and I have 2 best friends and their names are Taeshell  and Faa’ao.

Taeshell is 10 and Faa’ao is 12. What I like about them  is they are funny and cool and they make me laugh. What we like to play at lunch is Tag and a game called Master. Faa’ao’s hobby is netball. She plays for the school. Taeshell looks out for her little brother and sister at home.

Some Interesting facts about Taeshell that her favourite colour is blue. She like maths and writing. But this year is is hoping to improve in her writing and become a good Writer.I really hope she become a good writer.

Some Interesting facts about Faa’ao. She has  4 sisters and 3 brothers.And her favourite colours are blue and red .Her favourite food is chop suey.