Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cheyanne Camp at Kawau Island

All of the year sixes in room 17,16 and 15  went to kawau island, for camp but some of them stayed at school . Because they didn't pay so they stayed at school for the week when we are having fun.

The thing I liked was jumping off the pontoon it was the best of all but what I didn't like was swimming to the pontoon.The pontoon is a big square in the sea. It was really deep for me and my friend but we had life-jackets.
But the sad thing was I jumped off it at the last minute and that was the time we were going back to school.

The  scariest thing I did was Sailing. I hated  Sailing. Guess what happened to me? when I was sailing I nearly fall out of my bright green boat,But when my boat nearly tepid over there was a lot of water in my boat.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cheyanne Kawau

On Tuesday the 20th all of  the year six are going on camp.But some of the year six are not going to camp.

The most thing I am looking forward to is kayaking.I like kayaking because it looks cool and it is fun.But it will be more fun at kawau then Pt England it was fun when we did Kayaking at Pt england .

My challenge will be missing  my friends and  home because my friend are not coming to camp.
And I will not get to see them for 4 day that is a lot of day.I want my Friends to come to camp.

All the year six are so happy they are going I can’t wait so I can do kayaking.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My boat

Today we made a boat it was fun but I did't make is by my self. Me and Faaao and  Doris made it and then we put it in the water to float .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

Summer is hot like a pot
I feel so hot
I have to wear a hat
But not my cat
Its way to hot
So then I have to find a spot

Couplet Poetry

I hope camp is fun
But I don't want a run
I just want to eat
And now I want a treat
My bunk sunk
And I got Dunk

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last Wednesday we had A Triathlon it was fun.We had 3 men what was there to help us there names is Mark, Adrian,Brett. There were  three events Water slide ,Biking and running .

The Water Slide was cold but at the same time it was fun.we had to go on the water slide  
4 time that is a lot.My firend did’t come to school with there tog so there had to do running .

Biking was the best you put your hellbat on and then go to your bike.We had to do 2 lap Biking when I got off I feel wobbly.My legs where wobbly like speghieti .

It was time for running I was so wobbly. we had 1 lap on running I was running and running . Taamai came 1th Tayla came 2th Taeshell came 3th.

We got a certific I had one with my name on it.I was happy to get a certific I want to do it again.
thank you Mark and Brett and Adrian for coming and showing us Triathlon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

How To Make A Happy Cake

On Thursday the Tuis made  A Happy Cake.It was fun but I didn't help to make it I was taking  Photo that was fun to.The Tuis wanted to eat it.

It was time to eat it was nice. I didn't eat mine I give it to Mr Barks He liked it.I wood like to make  A Happy Cake at my house .