Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cook islands My Culture

Cook islands
beautiful sun
hot days
white sandy beaches
cold but hot
nice people
yummy coconuts
cool family
playing on hot days
sports in summer time

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

new zealand

Hot Beaches
nice homes
snowy mountains
bone carvings
silver fern

Monday, October 29, 2012

pop up cards

You will need
A Pencil
A Ruler
Coloured pencils
3 paper

1.Fold the two larger pieces of paper in half and crease them.On one of these pieces,measure about 8 centimetres along the folded edge and make a mark with your pencil.Measure the same distance from the other end and make another mark.Use your ruler to draw a 2.5 centimetre line down from each mark.Cut along the lines to make a flap.

2.Open the card and push the flap through to the inside.Crease the flap the other way.When you open the card again.the flap will stand up.

3.Glue the other pieces of folded paper to the card.Be careful not to get any glue behind the flap.

4.Take the smaller piece of paper and draw a pop up picture for your card.On the inside of the card,draw a background for the picture.Then cut out the pop up picture and glue it to the bottom half of the pop up flap.

5.When the glue is dry write a message on your card and give it to a friend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Agree or Disagree - These boots are made for walkin'

Summer ,Spring

Boxing day is the best
I like to go to the pools
Beach is what I like

Spring has come for flowers
loving spring so i can  pick flowers
I like flowers to come

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Impossible Bride

1.Cut The paper in half lengthways


2.Fold one piece of the paper like this        

3.lie the other piece of paper on top of the folded piece

4.put a weight on the bridge to find out how strong it is

Cheyanne Story at the Pt England Shops (Made Up)

Alex  and I  had to go to the shops to get our lunch for school in the morning. It was almost 8 o’clock so we had to hurry. But when we got there we discovered it was blocked off, all I saw were orange cones.  

We walked  a bit more and A man said ‘STAY BACK STAY BACK’. Then I  noticed that there had been a  car and a motorbike crash. I heard strange noises like a  ambulance .

All of the people came out of their homes to look what was going on. I ran to my house and said there has been a crash. But my mum didn't believe me  because I tell lies a lot.

Then the ambulance sped  away and the cones were taken away too.The shops opened  and some  of the kids  and Alex  and I got our lunch .We walked  to school and I told all of my friends what happened.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autobiography Poetry

I am cook Island ,Annoying, and have black hair
Sister of Jayden,Harris and Alex
Lover of mum dad and Brothers
Who feels disappointed because it’s school time, and joyful when I am at home
Who needs my mum, dad and Family
Who gives good friendship and love
Who fears big spiders and heights
Who would like to see Mum ,Alex , Harris
Resident of GI