Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 In Room 22

I had the best teacher ever.And her name is Mrs Nua I so wanted to be  in her class . On the first day I came to school we had to go to the hall .The year 7&8 had to go to the street to see what class they are in .When t\the teacher  starter to call the name of the Kids in room 19,15,20 and 21 and then room 22 got called it went Merry Taeshell And then Cheyanne .I was so happy that I was in Mrs Nua class and I was so happy that I was in the same class as my friend Taeshell.

But I won't forget about Mr Barks. Even though He made us do Maths all the time.But who care we are Learning from it. He was still a funny and a cool teacher to have.This year I have like him being my Teacher .I won't mind if I have him when I am a year 8.Because I know what he is like and what he does in his class and how he rolls.It was  pretty funny how he will try to act Gangster.

Mrs Nua is the Best Teacher I will like to have her next year to.Me and Taeshell will allwayl be the Number 1 helper for you.We only do it because of we Both agree that you are the Best Teacher.I will like to Be in the same class next year.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013


I think that having a netbook is a really cool Idea . My Netbook has really been helpful  .Because there are more thing to learn with online then a book. And if you need to research stuff or if you need to find out information about things.I think that Maths online is really good I learn lots from it .Maths Whizzs is a math program that we do in our class. I learn a lot for my netbook A good thing about having a netbook is that we are not using book anymore .

Thursday, December 12, 2013


                                        My  Highlight for this Year Is:
My Highlight for the Year is that I am in the same class is my friends.
I was hoping that I will be in the same class as Taeshell and Faa’ao.And when my name got called out that I was in room 22 Taeshell name got called out and she was in room 22.And we didn’t know if Faa’ao will be in the same class.but then we took the roll and she was in our class. but on that day she didn’t come.
My other Highlight is I have my favourite Teacher Mrs Nua.
Mrs Nua is my Favourite teacher in this school and all of the school I have been to.I thought that she will be grumpy.But she is a Little Bit but Only if you are not in the right pace in the right time.

My Other Highlight is That I have slowly improved in maths.

I am Happy that I have slowly improved in my Maths I have gone from Spheres and now I am on the Prisms

Action World

It was that day I was getting excited When I woke up I was so happy Then I came to school We went in the Street and took the roll and to see who played or not .and then the Bus came That point I was so so happy to be going We borrowed  on the Bus.
And then we were off and a way. we were in the bus we were waving to the car.When we got there we had to sit down and get in to our class.And then Went to the Jump N Slide.And the rest of them .

My Highlight was the Jump n slide Because of you get to jump in the a soft bed And on the Slide you Slide down and that go on the big soft bed .

My Lowlight  Was the Free Climb Because of I didn't make is that far.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Swimming Reflection


This Term We had 2 week of swimming at the G.I Swimming Pools. On the 1st day of swimming. we had to get in the big pool and swim to the other side and then get out and go to the Leisure pool. And we stay in the pool. What I have learnt at swimming is how to Freestyle the freestyle technique was to kick 6 time and as you were kicking your arm will go around 2 time. And then I went to the side.

Friday, October 25, 2013

My First Day at Pt England School

Title: My First Day at Pt England
On my first day of school My Step mum and My Dad dropped me off at school. I was going to be in room 13 but then My brother was in that class , so They put me in room 12.
My Teacher Was Mrs Barks.When I  walked in the classroom I felt Happy and Joyful but at the same time all of the kids where  just looking at me like I did something wrong .
But there were 2 bad things ,the 1st bad thing was I didn’t know anyone at that school apart from My brother ,the 2nd  bad thing was on that  day I  Started , Cross Country was on. I was not happy about  Cross County  because  I don't like It . But I still ran the Cross Country track but that was fun I didn’t know that I would enjoy It .

The Phantntom of the subway (Geronimo Stilton)

There was a ghost Hauner in the  New Mouse city subway Tunnels Geronimo  Whiskers were trembling with terror at the thought of it. But he knew that he had to get the scoop for the rodent gazette so he set off to investigate. Little did He know that he was in for the fright of his life but it turned out to just be a cat.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Kia ora    koutou      kua hui mai nei    tenei kura   ki te kawe mai   tga whakaaro  

Greetings to   you all   who have   gathered here   to this school   to bring Good  thoughts 

pai   Ka nui te koa     mo   to koutou   kaha    kaha   ki    te haere mai  ki    te korerorero i 

Great is   the happiness   for your support   in coming    to discuss   

nga kaupapa     e pa ana    ki Tenei kura.

The topics     concerning        this school.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Phantom of The Subway (Geronimo Stilton)

I got this book Because I love the Geronimo Stilton Books and they are funny and I just really  injoy to read Geronimo Stilton Books

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four shot movie


Cheyanne gets into position to throw the ball into the hoop she gets it in the hoop but out pops a tennis ball.

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Boring Holiday

The 1st Day
On the 1st day of the Holiday We stay home, and you all know that staying home is boring .Well it is boring for me.Then it got more fun as the day went by, My step mum Robyn said we had to go outside because it was a Beautiful day to play in the sun.So we went out and had some fun guess what we played? We played  tag around the house.And then Robyn ask if later we wanted to watch some movies and we all said yes.So we went to video ezy and pick out some movies and then we watch them.And I fell asleep on the 2nd movie .
2nd Day
On the 2nd day My cousin came over to see the family and I .They ask what are  we are up 2 in the holiday. Well most of our holiday are  so so boring .So we decided to go down and have a look and swim at the Pt England beach. We stay there about 2-3 hour and then we wanted to go and have something to eat we want and had fish and chips .When we got home they decided to go .So we said goodbye and off they went.

The 3rd Day
On the 3rd day we just stay home and that was so so boring. There was nothing to do. But go on my netbook but I didn’t want to go on my netbook it is so boring just playing game on a netbook all day. My brother can stay on his netbook playing  games all day that is so Boring. So I went to sleep for something to do and then I woke up at 5:30.And dinner was ready so we ate I went on My netbook for a little bit  but the time went fast it was time for bed. but I wasn't tired so I did A all nighter with my Brother.

The 4th Day
On the 4th day It was my Cousin Hannah’s Birthday.We went to the movie to see smurf 2. And That  was cool she love it she was laughing and talking a lot  But I think that was little Kids are like.She is coming to .At the moment she is at pt england kindergarten But she will be coming to Pt England school When school starts again. And she is going to love it at school.

And the Rest Of the holiday were boring But I don't know till the holiday are over I think it is still going to be boring .

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Americas Cup - Cheyanne

Once again another beautiful day hopefully for New Zealand to bring home the Americas Cup But it has been postponed .With joy and excitement on the Kiwi Faces have now drop to sad faces. I had Butterflies in my stomach hoping that we will win and bring to Cup back to New Zealand.

My Reflection

Well I didn’t finished because We were mucking around and don't getting it  finished so I think  I  not mucking around.

What I like about making movie
I like that we don’t have to  do work and we can make movie with our friends

Why I didn’t like it
What I didn’t like was that if we hadn't finished  we had to go to Literacy rotation

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kiwi Kid News :Cheyanne

                             Grape as Candy Floss
Grapes which taste like candy floss, I like  candy floss but as to the article gave me Information . Will be good like if they will ever be put on sale . Why they decided to use grapes instead of bananas or any other fruit it’s If you . find out that they are on sale please let me and know.This scientist should be a world icon and should try creating chocolate strawberries and hokey pokey apples.

                      Boy finds Egyptian Mummy in attic

A German boy 10 years old, has found a mummy in his grandparents’ attic. The boy’s grandfather who died 12 years ago  had traveled to North Africa and may have brought back the mummy as a grisly souvenir. With an arrow sticking out of the left eye socket. They don’t know if the mummy is real or  is from Egypt and why it was in the attic.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reading Goal

Reading Goal
My Reading Goal is to retell the story and read the rest of my book for the week and then get a new book out for next week.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Michael Jackson by Cheyanne

  • Notes
  • When did Michael Jackson Die:June 25th 2009
  • When is Michael Jackson Birthday: August 29th 1995
  • When did Michael Jackson Become Famous: The Age of Four
  • Michael Jackson Most Famous Hit song: thriller  

Michael Jackson Was born and then he became famous at the age of 4 .Then He became more famous when a new song would come out. Michael Jackson most Famous hit song Was Thriller. The last song he made before he Die was Best Of Joy.The best song of his was Billie Jean but that that my one comment and tell me what one is your best song from Michael Jackson .

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cheyanne Reflection - Creative Strand - Polynesian Woodprints

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
I Enjoyed cutting out the Pattern on the Wood Print .And working  with my friends .
Black Hat - Which things didn't I like?
I Didn't like that we missed out on painting because we didn't clean up  so next time we know to clean up.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
Something interesting was carving out the Pattern with the carving things.

White Hat - What did I learn?
How the hold a Carving Knife and I learn to speak the name  of the Pattern in samoa

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Goal

My Goal Is
To to get better in my XtraMath  to shove the answers them   more Faster

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cheyanne And Helen The Lion and the Mouse

One Day a Lion was asleep in his Den. Then a mouse ran into the den.He Ran up onto the lion head and sat on it nose.And then the lion woke up.He was very angry. He grabbed the little mouse with the mighty paw.He said how dare you wake me up.I will Kill you for this” He roared loud. The little mouse was so scared he said Please don’t eat me Please don’t. I didn't Mean to wake you up. But if you let me go I can help you. and when the lion heard and just laughed . He thought It was A good Joke.HOw could a little mouse like you can help a King of beasts like me. But I will let you go free,and the mouse ran as fast as he could out of the den.
A few day Later the Little mouse went to look for food.He came upon the lion caught up in a big net.The net was a Trap set by the Hunters. The lion was struggled to get free. The  more he struggled the net got tighter.Lei still The mouse said .Then the mouse bit little hole in a net He chewed and chewed son the hole was big enough to put his paws through.Soon the Lion his is to Paws Free The Lion two paws were , Through and soon He got free from the Trap.There said the Mouse,thats how a little mouse like me can help a great big Lion like you.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Flora's Cheyanne Doris Motivation for writing. Rock Climber/Success

One day I climbed a treacherous mountain. I gripped onto the rock face  feeling  really nervous . I hope I don’t fall”he thought to myself.

Success is largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
Quote By William Feather.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am a Giant

The Moment I woke up. I Discovered to my amazement that. I was the size of a Giant today was going to be a very interesting day indeed.
When I woke up I was shocked because I was a giant.I could not get through the door. So I did not have breakfast . That day went fast,  It was now lunch and I still could not get through the door .
So I busted the roof of the house and went outside.I was looking Around.People  were just looking at me. And they said  Attack Attack. So they all started  Attacking me.
So I ran Back to my house, And all of the people were Started to Camp around me house till  came out.I was thinking to myself oh no what Am I.
I think If i go to sleep I will wake up and not be a Giant.So I went to sleep and I woke up  In the morning.And Guess what  I woke up not to be a Giant Now I am so happy I am a Human

Friday, June 21, 2013

Thinking Hat

Red Hat: What I Felt  about this week was making the movie and making the movie it with my friend

Green Hat: Some Interesting thing about making a movie was I learn how to hold an Ipad  and being nice to the group member and to the other
Black Hat : What I didn't like was working with the little Kids because they didn't listen  to me and the  group membe
Yellow Hat : What I injoy was making to movie and using the Ipad
White Hat : What I learnt  was how  to edit the movie and upload it into Imovie
Blue Hat :What I need to work on is  work faster on the movie and get help if I need it  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Best Friends

Hi my name is Cheyanne and I have 2 best friends and their names are Taeshell  and Faa’ao.

Taeshell is 10 and Faa’ao is 12. What I like about them  is they are funny and cool and they make me laugh. What we like to play at lunch is Tag and a game called Master. Faa’ao’s hobby is netball. She plays for the school. Taeshell looks out for her little brother and sister at home.

Some Interesting facts about Taeshell that her favourite colour is blue. She like maths and writing. But this year is is hoping to improve in her writing and become a good Writer.I really hope she become a good writer.

Some Interesting facts about Faa’ao. She has  4 sisters and 3 brothers.And her favourite colours are blue and red .Her favourite food is chop suey.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Special Guest Will.I.Am

Can you guess who came to Point England School? Well... If you guessed Will.I.Am you are absoloutly right. The hall was filled with excitement, and Will.I.Am slowly walked into the hall.

Hearing cheers and screaming Will.I.Am walked down the isle. With the media crew standing at the back, the performing groups were nervous. A ripple of excitement worked its way around the hall.

With nervous faces the Kapa Haka group performed in front of Will.I.Am. Walking on the stage everyone clapped with joy.

As Will.I.Am Handed the $100,000 to all the manaikalani school’s we all cheered, screamed and yelled. We are so grateful for what he has done for us.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Camp Argument For Cheyanne and Elvea

In my opinion I think we should have a year 7 and 8 camp .Because We can learn new games and when we go home we can play it and show the games to our little brother and sister.And you can learn how to cook yummy food and the best thing is going swimming.

Firstly camp is great fun and you get to learn how to play new games. I think that learning new games is cool, so when you go home you can play some of the games you learnt at camp. I hope that we get to learn different kind of games that has skills involved.

Secondly what I like to do is cooking that is one of the best thing .Because you can learn how to cook ,also you can do some cooking at home.For example if you're the oldest and your mum and dad goes to work you might have to cook dinner for your little sisters and brothers and you might not know how to cook.

Last of all going Swimming is the best and also you can get technique. You get to learn how to be safe in the water.But at the same time you get to have free time after kayaking.

Thats why I think we should have a year 7 and 8 camp.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Taeshell Character Description

Taeshell Makita Has really nice hair and  it long and she has Beautiful eyes and  she is Cook Island and Pakeha .I love that she Has a great Personality and that she is kind and caring to other.She Like to play with her friend and her Siblings,She enjoy sleeping and and She loves to play Baseball.I really like playing with her and we laugh A lot  She laugh for no reason at all .She has two best friend called Faaa’o and Me Cheyanne.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Allan Duff

 These are 2 fact about Allan Duff 1.The firstbook published was Once Were Warriors  2.son of Gowan Duff

And I think the message is to read and Don't give up and If you want to do something Just go for it.

My Cool Weekend

In the weekend it was the best.I went to church on sunday and then we went to the Pacifica .so we got in the car and went to Church first and then went to the Pacifica .When we got there my dad played for the parking then we went in. The best thing was we sat down  and watch the performances that was cool and then we got something to Eat.And then we went and watch more of the performances when we were eating.We went back to the car and went home when we got home. I sat and watch TV and then went outside to play with my cousin.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cheyanne Writing Sample - Doc

This Is My writing sample and we got 40 minutes To completed this and I have posted this how I wrote it  and I am go to reflect  on this at the end of the year and see if I have got  better. I hope you like it

One Day I was getting ready for school I went to put on  my Uniform on,but  It was not
there. So I went to my mum and ask if she has seed my Uniform.She Said yes, it’s in your room ,But it’s not there I said ,so my mum went to my room and look for it but it still wasn't there.I look in my room and in my mum dad room,I was worried because I will be late for school.

My mum said  just go to school and get a dress pass and expand wye you don't have your Uniform and I will try to look for it when you are at school. Ok mum I will go to school and get a dress pass but what will I say, say this I can’t find my Uniform.I got my bag and went out the door I walked to school. I was late I ran to get a dress pass and expand wye I don’t have My Uniform I ran to class.

It was the end of the day I walked home I got in the door and I said Hi mum , And My  mum said Hi. I have your Uniform In the your basket in your  room.That right I Put it in the basket Because I got mad on it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Maths-Still Learning

Math-Great At


Running with sweat coming down my face, I passed the ball to Taeshell. As she was running our defender came charging at her,she looked worried. But luckily our defender fell over and Taeshell ran to the try line, Nice work I Said.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Am -Cheyanne

Bio Poem Cheyanne

 Daughter of Waki and Taina. Sister of Alex
lover of wellington and gum
 Who feels happy when see friends and family
 Who has been Wellington, Kawau Island
  Who needs mum and dad and family.
  Who fears  of spiders and horror movies
  Who would someday will like to go to the Cooks Islands
Resident of Glen Innes

Friday, February 15, 2013

Writing Sample Expo Cheyanne

On Tuesday I went to the sports Expo and meet the Teacher. And in the hall was lots of game to play like Tennis and ping pong and more.Taamai and I were playing tennis and that was a lot of fun.

Then Me and Taamai went to Miss M and Miss M said to us to get more Instruments.Taamai and I went to get more Instruments and we got drums and thing like that.When we got back we played with the drums and I went home.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Learning Goal, Portrait-Cheyanne

My Learning Goal this term in my classroom is to improve in maths. To achieve my goal I need to learn in school time, and practise my basic facts.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This Is where I am up to on XtraMaths .
If you don't no what XtraMahts  is well this is a fun maths program  for kids,Teachers and our Parents.It can help you in maths It is a fun program to go on.