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Multiplication Wheel Master

Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary (a famous New Zealander) was  Born: July 20, 1919 in Auckland and passed away  January 11, 2008 in auckland .He had 3 kids named Peter Hillary, Belinda Hillary,Sarah Hillary.He went to Tuakau Primary School, Auckland Grammar College and University of Auckland.He Live on a street named Grand drive located in Eastern Auckland.

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest he had a climbing partner  named Tenzing Norgay in 1953,If you have ever notice  Sir Edmund Hillary is on orw $5 dollar note Sir Edmund Hillary died at 9am on Friday 11 January after a heart attack in Auckland City Hospital  aged 88
Belinda Hillary died in the same plane crash as her mum ,Sir Edmund Hillary wife, Louise Belinda Hillary was born in 1959 and died in 1975, Her Mother was Born September 3, 1930 and died in 1975  Belinda Hillary was olyn 16 and her mum Louise was 45. Peter Hillary: Born in 1954. Peter is a mountaineer and married to Yvonne.Sarah Hillary: Born abt. 1955. Sarah is an art conservator.Belinda Hillary: Born in 1959, Belinda died at the age of 16 in an airplane accident on March 31, 1975.
His father was Percival Augustas Hillary and his mother was Gertrude Clark. had an older sister June and a younger brother Rex. He had 2 wife. Their names are Luoise Mary Rose and June Melgrew. He had 3 kids. 2 girls and 1 boy.Peter has also climbed Mount Everest.

It was in New Zealand that he became interested in mountain climbing. Although he made his living as a beekeeper, he climbed mountains in New Zealand, then in the Alps, and finally in the Himalayas, where he climbed 11 different peaks of over 20,000 feet. By this time, Hillary was ready to confront the world's highest mountain.

My New Popplet word For this week is Love

My Popplet word is Love

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Puia Hangi, School Journal Part 3 Number 3, 2001

Who was the article written by? For what reasons did these people write this article, instead of a writer?
Henarata Ham and room 8,Hirangi school .For healthy eating

Referring to the image and title of the article, what do you think it is about?
Food and Hangi Learning how to  cook ,
Where is the article set?
Southern end of lake taupo settlement called Tokaanu
What is a settlement? Tell me two things about a settlement.
The settlement is hot pool mud hot pools hot geysers
What does geothermal mean? Can you name two geothermal towns/cities in NZ?
Rotorua and Tokaanu
What are the children studying at school? What do you know about this topic?
Healthy Eating I think they picked this topic because of healthy eating is good and it is better if you eat healthy

Because they are studying this topic what do you think they are learning? Can you tell me three things about healthy eating?
Meats Fruits Vegetable  
What does their kai have to include?
3 vegetable
Where did Mareka get her pork from? Would the meat be fresher because of the way it was caught and where it came from?
Her dad shot the pig it will be healthy because it is new and fresh
For what reason do you think they are wrapping the meat in tinfoil? Have you ever cooked or seen anyone cook using tinfoil. For what reason do you think they were using this material when cooking?
They use tinfoil to keep it hot inside and it helps it cook because of all the steam inside


What do they cook the food in? How do you think this cooks the food?
In a steam boxs Because the steam stays in the box
Why do the children not have to worry about their kai burning?
Because it cook in steam
What do you think about this traditional way of cooking? If you had the opportunity to cook in this way would you? Why/why not?
I will cook that way because it is healthy to eat and it is yum And when I go to wellington My papa makes it for me
How are the locals making money from this way of cooking?
Because they sell the food they make and they paid $5 for the food
What are the benefits of cooking in this way?
That you can sell it or have family over
Approximately how long does it take for food to cook in this way? Is this the normal amount of time food takes to cook?
One and a half to three hours
Some food takes long to cook But then some food doesn't  
When does the puia become cooler, for what reason does this occurence make it become cooler?
Because of the hot pools take all of the hot water
For what reason was some of the food still firm?
Because the steam didn’t get into the food
Do you think that by cooking in this way the students are eating healthily?
Yes I think it is because they are not using oil to cook or butter or thing like that they are just steaming it
What were some of the uses for puia, besides cooking?
That they have fun they got to learn a new thing go to a different place

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Add/Sub Yr 6 WALT solve subtraction problems by changing one into a tidy number. (numbers >100)

15-98=83 500-300=200+83=283


87-14=73 100+73=173

34-54=22 200+22=222

36-67=31 100+31=131

Add/Sub Yr 6 WALT solve subtraction problems by changing one into a tidy number. (numbers >100)

+2 on both so that makes it 295 and 90
so 90-95=5 so 200+5=205

+1 on both so that makes it 432 and 100
so 400-132=332

+2 on both so that makes it 190 and 34
so 190-34=156

+1 on both so that makes it 236 and 90
so 236-90=254

+3 on both so that makes it 228 80
so 225=80=245

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bisou the cat travel 3540 km flight from Egypt to london in it owners suitcase.

Bisou the cat travel  3540 km  flight from Egypt to london in it owners suitcase.Screenshot from 2014-03-19 10:47:03.pngBisou pooped into her owner's bag in Cairo as she was packing for a trip to visit her sister in Nottinghamshire.It was only when the owner was in a cab  that she realised  Bisou had come with her .Bisou survived the flight but is now staying at a quarantine centre in Derbyshire.
The seven-year-old cat had  endure the freezing temperatures in the cargo hold on the five-hour flight.Her owner, who was heading from London  only found out when her  cat sitter rang her to say, Bisou was missing and she thought that Bisou might have come with her.
She made the taxi driver pull over so she could check her suitcase and she was more than happy to find the cat curled up inside her suitcase.But because of Egypt  animal laws she cannot return home for six months . While UK rules says Bisou must stay in quarantine care .She has now settled in happily at the Kennel in Chesterfield Derbyshire.
Bisou is doing very well now. If it all goes to plan she should be reunited with her owner by the end of May.

Monday, March 10, 2014

WALT solve mental division problem

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WALT solve mental division problems

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What Empathy is

Empathy making another feel like they belong ,kind,happy,nice,caring,taking charge,putting yourself  in their shoes, is what it is all about.Getting along with people is what it’s about to. Putting our self in there shoes to feel what they feel,helping other for them to release that they can help other to .

Moving on for the past and leaving what Happened  behind. Taking charge of belonging that what you call  Empathy.Making the right choice can lead to succeed. Caring for another is helping to build up their confidence . Using the right language is a good role model for younger.

It is important that people show empathy to strangers and family members and to younger. Showing empathy is being a good role model, Taking charge is a good role model to .It is good to show empathy so people think that you are responsible and people will trusted you at important things.

One of the most important things in life is empathy, using empathy can take you a long way in life. by using empathy you can be a good person.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

WALT work out division Problem using a think board

WALT solve division questions in Maths


30 18
10   6
(g) 56÷4=13
     40 16
     10   3
10 + 3 = 13
   20  18
    10  9
10 + 9=19

(i) 75÷5
     50 25
      10  5
10 +5=15

WALT solve division questions in Maths

(a) 85÷5=17
50  35

10   7

(b) 52÷5=13
40  12
10   3

30 18
10  6

(d) 96÷6=16
60 36
10 6


(e) 98÷ 7
   70 28
   10  4
  10 +4=14

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WALT solve division questions in Maths

(a) 64÷4=16
slip 64 into
40 20
how much ten are in 40- 10
and how much 4 are in 20 - 6

(b) 91÷9=13
Slip 91 into
70 21
how much ten are in 70 - 10
and how much 9 are in 21 - 3

(c) 95÷5=19
slip 95 into
50 45
how much ten are in 50 - 10
how much 5 are in 45- 9
10+9 = 19

(d) 78÷6=13
slip 78 into
60 18
how much ten are in 60 - 10
how much 6 are in 18 - 3

(e) 45÷3=16
slip 45 into
30 15
how much ten are in 30 - 10
how much 3 are in 15 - 6

(f) 96÷8=12
slip 96 into
80 16
how much ten are in 80 - 10
how much 8 are in 16 - 2

The Penny Walk

Looking at the title of the story, what do you think the story is about?
I think this story is about a penny what they find on the ground

Referring only to the images on the first page, how do they support the title of the story?
That they pick up the penny and flipped it up in to the air

What was the idea of the “penny walk”?
To go wherever the penny say  

Where was Louisa hoping the coin might lead them to? Why do you think she was hoping for these two places?
The ice cream shop and the playground Because so she can have some ice cream and plap on the playground

From the two places Louisa was hoping the coin might lead her and Hazel to, how old do you think the two girls are? Why do you think they are this age?
9-10 because they are hoping it will lead them to the ice cream shop and the playground

For what reason are you not supposed to look a Bull in the eye?
The bull might attack them  

Where do you think the coin tossing and “penny walk” will take the two girls?
To a bad place

Do you think what they are doing is a sensible idea/ why /why not?
No because it can lead you to anywhere and you might get hurt  

What do you think will next happen in the story? Make a prediction?
That they will do it again and end up in a bad place

Find three words that are new to you and find the definitions of those words.
Rasping -His cracked, rasping voice
Intersection-a point or line common to lines or surfaces that intersect

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WALT -Define Adolescent

Whatever makes you feel bad, Leave it.Whatever make you smile,Keep it.