Monday, March 24, 2014

Bisou the cat travel 3540 km flight from Egypt to london in it owners suitcase.

Bisou the cat travel  3540 km  flight from Egypt to london in it owners suitcase.Screenshot from 2014-03-19 10:47:03.pngBisou pooped into her owner's bag in Cairo as she was packing for a trip to visit her sister in Nottinghamshire.It was only when the owner was in a cab  that she realised  Bisou had come with her .Bisou survived the flight but is now staying at a quarantine centre in Derbyshire.
The seven-year-old cat had  endure the freezing temperatures in the cargo hold on the five-hour flight.Her owner, who was heading from London  only found out when her  cat sitter rang her to say, Bisou was missing and she thought that Bisou might have come with her.
She made the taxi driver pull over so she could check her suitcase and she was more than happy to find the cat curled up inside her suitcase.But because of Egypt  animal laws she cannot return home for six months . While UK rules says Bisou must stay in quarantine care .She has now settled in happily at the Kennel in Chesterfield Derbyshire.
Bisou is doing very well now. If it all goes to plan she should be reunited with her owner by the end of May.

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