Friday, April 4, 2014

Report on Butterfly

Butterfly’s aren’t they beautiful,Butterfly are a flying insects with big wings,some insects they have six legs.And 3 body parts which is Head ,thorax and abdomen .They have compound eye that are made out of many many parts, A butterfly is cover by hair.

Butterflies are very good fliers. They have two wings covered with colorful colors.Did you know that Butterflies are the only insect that has scale .The wings are join to the butterfly's thorax .

A Life Cycle of Butterflies, A Butterfly's egg is shaped as a round ball,The caterpillar Look’s like a long  worm It has a pattern , stripes or patches . And it may have  Little hairs as it grows. The chrysalis is the next step  of a Butterfly Life Cycle  The color of the Chrysalis is brown or green and blends into the background. The Butterfly Has come out of it’s Life Cycle it is now a beautiful insect  that is ready to fly in to the air and be happy

There are many kinds of Butterfly's in the world over 20,000,There are many different  kind too There is too much to tell but here is some. The females are usually larger, but an entomologist will look for an ovipositor, which is an egg-laying device only found in females. The males have a clasping device in their reproductive area.

since butterflies feed on nectar from flowers, compare how hard it would be for the butterfly to walk from one plant to another versus flying. It would have to walk all the way down one plant and climb all the way up the next. I'm getting tired just thinking about it! By flying they can get there in just a few wingbeats. Flying also comes in handy to get away from enemies who might be waiting for them on the flowers.


  1. Wow, more than 20,000 Butterflies! That's such a huge number - I wonder if they are all as beautiful as the Monarch Butterfly we have here in New Zealand.

  2. Cheyanne, my name is Alexandria Butler and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. Thanks so much for such an interesting blog post. You have clearly learned a lot about butterflies during your research. I just watched a very informative movie called: "The Flight of the Butterfly." The film chronicles the life cycle and migration of the elusive Monarch. For years no one knew where in the world the butterflies would migrate. Then after 40 years of searching a butterfly enthusiast, Dr. Fred Urquhart, solved the mystery. I very much enjoyed watching this movie in an IMAX theater in 3-D because it was like being there with the butterflies. I don’t know if you have a theater in your area that plays IMAX movies but it would be great if you could see it. Keep up the good work, I enjoyed your blog.