Monday, May 26, 2014

Mult/Div Yr 6- 2 WALT solve division questions using the strategy 'Multiplication in Parts'.

Cheyanne Mult/Div Yr 6- 2 WALT solve division questions using the strategy 'Multiplication in Parts'.

Echolocation explanation

Echolocation is  a form of communication that animals such as bats , dolphins and whales use all the time because their eyesight is weaker than their senses.   

They use their ears to see so they Know where they are going . If sound bounces off the wall it echoes and the bats can  hear.When bats hear the sound it echoes off the wall and goes all round that place the sound waves goes out in front of the bat and bounces off any objects there. It creates an echo that returns back to the bat.

Bats have  vocal chords just like people do when they speak or yell. Some bats make the sound come out of their mouths. and some make the sound come out of their noses. The sound they make has a very high pitch. it  means the sound waves move very quickly. The more powerful it is the higher the pitch is .
The process of echolocation is a everyday process  for  bats. The bat does not have to think about listening, or what to do next. Echolocation  works so well that the bat doesn't care about it. Because it has echolocation so bats can see with their ears and not with their eyes.

If bats did not have echolocation it will be hard for them to survive because they will not be able to hear as well as they did before. It.It will be hard for them to look for food because they can’t really see and then they can’t really hear. if i had to use echolocation I probably wont like if because I am use to sound.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Sound Explanation

For inquiry this term we are studying sound this explanation will explain what sound is.
Sound is a vibration that travels really fast when you hit it or make some kind of noise. Where there is nothing not even air there is no sound so sound will not travel past or through because there will be no vibration to send sound waves .

Have you ever wonder where sound comes from? If you hit the table you hear a bang that comes from vibration. When you bang the table it moves really fast to cause sound to happen. It is not all about how sound is made when you bang the table that sound travels in sound waves that hit your eardrums it vibrates and moves into your ear and that takes it to the brain and what your brain does is it will translate that sound which you may or not know already.

Vibration moves really really fast to the back and front. Everywhere you go sound is around all of us, you can hear people talking, birds chirping, plane engines and many more. Even if you think you are in a silent room there is still noise even if you can't hear it. There are different sounds where you go some may be high and some may be low. You can like sound more than others and some sounds not too much. Do you have a sound you don't like?

Some sounds can be really noisy and some can be quite. Different things send out different sound waves. The sound waves vibrate at different rates, the pitch of the sound count on the number of vibrations per second. More vibration there are per second the higher the sound. Some sound don't vibrate with enough energy to make a sound. And some sound have so much energy they can hurt our ear, the more energy it has the louder the sound.

How could we live without sound there will be t.v with no sound how boring is that. Or if we want to listen to music there will be no sound. I can't imagine the world without sound. In our class we tried out phone cups its easy to make. It was really cool too. What you need to do get is plastic cups and a string, poke a hole in the cup and put the string though the cup. Get a ice block stick and cut it up into small pieces and when you put the string through the hole get the ice block stick and tie it on to the string so it doesn't come off make sure the string is tight so you can hear the other person . Have fun.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Talking Through Cups

Name: Taeshell, Cheyanne, Raeleen

Title of experiment: Talking through cups

(What do we want to find out?)
We want to find out if its possible to talk through cups and still hear each other. We also want to find out if this experiment is going to work. I also want to find out how vibration works using cups, strings and an ice block stick. How are we able to hear each other.

Hypothesis:  (what do you think will happen?)
I think it that the thickest string is going to work and also the rope string. I think this because the first string may be too thin and the more space the vibrations have to travel the clearer and louder you'll hear the other person your communicating with.

How will we find out?
(Step by step)

1. First of all we need to make a hole with a pin in both cups so that the thin string can fit through

2. We need to thread the string through the hole and attach it to a ice block stick inside the cup.

3. We need to tie the string around the ice block stick so that it won't be able to come out

4. When we are finished with that string we detach that string from the ice block stick and move on to the rope string

5. For it to fit through we need to make the hole a little bit bigger.

6. Next we thread that string through the hole and tie it to the ice block stick.

7. After we've finished with it we can move onto the thickest string. So we need to take the string off the ice block sticks.

8. We'll probably need to make the hole bigger using a pin once again so that the string can fit through

9. Thread it through the hole and tie it to the ice block sticks.

10. That's how we're going to find out.

What actually happened?
1. We were able to hear through the thin string. It was allright but it could've been better. The noise level could of been louder.

2. When using the rope string it was much better then our first string, we could hear each other very clearly maybe because it was thicker. I also think that the further away the person your communicating with is. It's

3. Our last string was probably the loudest out of all of them. I think that this string was the loudest because it was the thickest out of all of them.

What did we learn? We learnt that using cups as telephones actually do work. We also learnt that the thickest string is probably the string that's going to work. Probably the closest you and the person your communicating with, you'll be able to hear them much more clearer and louder. I also learnt how vibration works when you have 2 cups, strings and an ice block stick. When you talk into the cup your vocal cords vibrate and make the bottom of the cup vibrate as well. When it vibrates the vibration travels through the string and to the other person your communicating with. Since you're listening to them with a cup and the cup covers your ears. You can hear them clearly. I think it depends on the length of your string and the thickest your string is.

Maths - Thinkboard fractions Master

Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Popplet word is : Worry

This week our popplet word is :Worry here is 25 words that mean the same as worry this helps me because it give me a variety of word  to use when writing. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blowing your own Trumpet by John Bonallack

What types of ideas is dad always getting?
Odd ball ideas and things out of a magazine
What do you think an ‘odd-ball idea is’?
When he thinks of odd thing the is different from other things  
Where were ‘simple trumpets’ originally found?
Tutankhamen's tomb
Why was dads trumpet making no noise to begin with?
He said just to blow a bit harder and he is not using the right thing to make a trumpets
Why is dad making a trumpet? Who is he trying to ‘show what trumpeting is all about?
He is making a Trumpet to show Andrew there brother what trumpets is all about
For what reason did dad decide to use a balloon to blow his trumpet?
So he can make it an automatic trumpet so not even  trumpet player can play this
What are your predictions for dads new materials he’s using to make his trumpet?
That it might not work because it is not the right thing to make a trumpet with
It seems that dad is doing a trial and error of different ways he could make a trumpet, do you agree with this statement? Why/why not?

Disagree Because He keeps having to blow it up all the time and he doesn have the   right thing to make a trumpet with