Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blowing your own Trumpet by John Bonallack

What types of ideas is dad always getting?
Odd ball ideas and things out of a magazine
What do you think an ‘odd-ball idea is’?
When he thinks of odd thing the is different from other things  
Where were ‘simple trumpets’ originally found?
Tutankhamen's tomb
Why was dads trumpet making no noise to begin with?
He said just to blow a bit harder and he is not using the right thing to make a trumpets
Why is dad making a trumpet? Who is he trying to ‘show what trumpeting is all about?
He is making a Trumpet to show Andrew there brother what trumpets is all about
For what reason did dad decide to use a balloon to blow his trumpet?
So he can make it an automatic trumpet so not even  trumpet player can play this
What are your predictions for dads new materials he’s using to make his trumpet?
That it might not work because it is not the right thing to make a trumpet with
It seems that dad is doing a trial and error of different ways he could make a trumpet, do you agree with this statement? Why/why not?

Disagree Because He keeps having to blow it up all the time and he doesn have the   right thing to make a trumpet with

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