Monday, May 26, 2014

Echolocation explanation

Echolocation is  a form of communication that animals such as bats , dolphins and whales use all the time because their eyesight is weaker than their senses.   

They use their ears to see so they Know where they are going . If sound bounces off the wall it echoes and the bats can  hear.When bats hear the sound it echoes off the wall and goes all round that place the sound waves goes out in front of the bat and bounces off any objects there. It creates an echo that returns back to the bat.

Bats have  vocal chords just like people do when they speak or yell. Some bats make the sound come out of their mouths. and some make the sound come out of their noses. The sound they make has a very high pitch. it  means the sound waves move very quickly. The more powerful it is the higher the pitch is .
The process of echolocation is a everyday process  for  bats. The bat does not have to think about listening, or what to do next. Echolocation  works so well that the bat doesn't care about it. Because it has echolocation so bats can see with their ears and not with their eyes.

If bats did not have echolocation it will be hard for them to survive because they will not be able to hear as well as they did before. It.It will be hard for them to look for food because they can’t really see and then they can’t really hear. if i had to use echolocation I probably wont like if because I am use to sound.

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