Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 In Room 22

I had the best teacher ever.And her name is Mrs Nua I so wanted to be  in her class . On the first day I came to school we had to go to the hall .The year 7&8 had to go to the street to see what class they are in .When t\the teacher  starter to call the name of the Kids in room 19,15,20 and 21 and then room 22 got called it went Merry Taeshell And then Cheyanne .I was so happy that I was in Mrs Nua class and I was so happy that I was in the same class as my friend Taeshell.

But I won't forget about Mr Barks. Even though He made us do Maths all the time.But who care we are Learning from it. He was still a funny and a cool teacher to have.This year I have like him being my Teacher .I won't mind if I have him when I am a year 8.Because I know what he is like and what he does in his class and how he rolls.It was  pretty funny how he will try to act Gangster.

Mrs Nua is the Best Teacher I will like to have her next year to.Me and Taeshell will allwayl be the Number 1 helper for you.We only do it because of we Both agree that you are the Best Teacher.I will like to Be in the same class next year.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013


I think that having a netbook is a really cool Idea . My Netbook has really been helpful  .Because there are more thing to learn with online then a book. And if you need to research stuff or if you need to find out information about things.I think that Maths online is really good I learn lots from it .Maths Whizzs is a math program that we do in our class. I learn a lot for my netbook A good thing about having a netbook is that we are not using book anymore .

Thursday, December 12, 2013


                                        My  Highlight for this Year Is:
My Highlight for the Year is that I am in the same class is my friends.
I was hoping that I will be in the same class as Taeshell and Faa’ao.And when my name got called out that I was in room 22 Taeshell name got called out and she was in room 22.And we didn’t know if Faa’ao will be in the same class.but then we took the roll and she was in our class. but on that day she didn’t come.
My other Highlight is I have my favourite Teacher Mrs Nua.
Mrs Nua is my Favourite teacher in this school and all of the school I have been to.I thought that she will be grumpy.But she is a Little Bit but Only if you are not in the right pace in the right time.

My Other Highlight is That I have slowly improved in maths.

I am Happy that I have slowly improved in my Maths I have gone from Spheres and now I am on the Prisms

Action World

It was that day I was getting excited When I woke up I was so happy Then I came to school We went in the Street and took the roll and to see who played or not .and then the Bus came That point I was so so happy to be going We borrowed  on the Bus.
And then we were off and a way. we were in the bus we were waving to the car.When we got there we had to sit down and get in to our class.And then Went to the Jump N Slide.And the rest of them .

My Highlight was the Jump n slide Because of you get to jump in the a soft bed And on the Slide you Slide down and that go on the big soft bed .

My Lowlight  Was the Free Climb Because of I didn't make is that far.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Swimming Reflection


This Term We had 2 week of swimming at the G.I Swimming Pools. On the 1st day of swimming. we had to get in the big pool and swim to the other side and then get out and go to the Leisure pool. And we stay in the pool. What I have learnt at swimming is how to Freestyle the freestyle technique was to kick 6 time and as you were kicking your arm will go around 2 time. And then I went to the side.