Thursday, December 12, 2013


                                        My  Highlight for this Year Is:
My Highlight for the Year is that I am in the same class is my friends.
I was hoping that I will be in the same class as Taeshell and Faa’ao.And when my name got called out that I was in room 22 Taeshell name got called out and she was in room 22.And we didn’t know if Faa’ao will be in the same class.but then we took the roll and she was in our class. but on that day she didn’t come.
My other Highlight is I have my favourite Teacher Mrs Nua.
Mrs Nua is my Favourite teacher in this school and all of the school I have been to.I thought that she will be grumpy.But she is a Little Bit but Only if you are not in the right pace in the right time.

My Other Highlight is That I have slowly improved in maths.

I am Happy that I have slowly improved in my Maths I have gone from Spheres and now I am on the Prisms

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  1. Oh that's nice Cheyanne you are right I do get very grumpy when people don't stay focussed!! You have had a good year. Keep working hard and always giving everything your best :)
    Mrs Nua