Friday, October 25, 2013

My First Day at Pt England School

Title: My First Day at Pt England
On my first day of school My Step mum and My Dad dropped me off at school. I was going to be in room 13 but then My brother was in that class , so They put me in room 12.
My Teacher Was Mrs Barks.When I  walked in the classroom I felt Happy and Joyful but at the same time all of the kids where  just looking at me like I did something wrong .
But there were 2 bad things ,the 1st bad thing was I didn’t know anyone at that school apart from My brother ,the 2nd  bad thing was on that  day I  Started , Cross Country was on. I was not happy about  Cross County  because  I don't like It . But I still ran the Cross Country track but that was fun I didn’t know that I would enjoy It .


  1. Hey Cheyanne,
    I really enjoyed reading your story, but you need to fix some words like how you feel on your first day at school. But that's okay.

    Love Faa'ao

  2. Hey Cheyanne. I am a college student at the Unvierysity of South Alabama, studying to become an elementary education major. First off I want to say you have an awesome name! And second, I want to congratulate you for the work you have done on you blog it looks very nice! I read your post. I'm sorry you did not know anyone and don't be frightened by the other students looking at you . Some people fear what they do not understand, other see different as being bad, but everyone is perfect regardless of what others think. I also saw you ran cross country, I also ran cross country. I participated in it more because my parents wanted me to, not because I wanted to. Make sure you are doing it for you and not someone else. Also I wanted to tell you not to lose hope, that you are also teaching me and that I am learning so much from students like you. Be proud of yourself!! Good Luck to you during you educational journey!

    -Lauren Bradley

  3. Cheyanne
    My name is Amanda Weller and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. The first day of school can be a bit frightening. I remember my first day of school and I was terrified. I know it must be tough entering a new atmosphere but you will make friends quickly. Cross country was never one of my favorite sports either but I grew to like it. Experiencing new activities can be exciting! Thank you for sharing!
    Amanda Weller