Friday, March 15, 2013

Taeshell Character Description

Taeshell Makita Has really nice hair and  it long and she has Beautiful eyes and  she is Cook Island and Pakeha .I love that she Has a great Personality and that she is kind and caring to other.She Like to play with her friend and her Siblings,She enjoy sleeping and and She loves to play Baseball.I really like playing with her and we laugh A lot  She laugh for no reason at all .She has two best friend called Faaa’o and Me Cheyanne.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Allan Duff

 These are 2 fact about Allan Duff 1.The firstbook published was Once Were Warriors  2.son of Gowan Duff

And I think the message is to read and Don't give up and If you want to do something Just go for it.

My Cool Weekend

In the weekend it was the best.I went to church on sunday and then we went to the Pacifica .so we got in the car and went to Church first and then went to the Pacifica .When we got there my dad played for the parking then we went in. The best thing was we sat down  and watch the performances that was cool and then we got something to Eat.And then we went and watch more of the performances when we were eating.We went back to the car and went home when we got home. I sat and watch TV and then went outside to play with my cousin.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cheyanne Writing Sample - Doc

This Is My writing sample and we got 40 minutes To completed this and I have posted this how I wrote it  and I am go to reflect  on this at the end of the year and see if I have got  better. I hope you like it

One Day I was getting ready for school I went to put on  my Uniform on,but  It was not
there. So I went to my mum and ask if she has seed my Uniform.She Said yes, it’s in your room ,But it’s not there I said ,so my mum went to my room and look for it but it still wasn't there.I look in my room and in my mum dad room,I was worried because I will be late for school.

My mum said  just go to school and get a dress pass and expand wye you don't have your Uniform and I will try to look for it when you are at school. Ok mum I will go to school and get a dress pass but what will I say, say this I can’t find my Uniform.I got my bag and went out the door I walked to school. I was late I ran to get a dress pass and expand wye I don’t have My Uniform I ran to class.

It was the end of the day I walked home I got in the door and I said Hi mum , And My  mum said Hi. I have your Uniform In the your basket in your  room.That right I Put it in the basket Because I got mad on it.