Friday, April 12, 2013

Camp Argument For Cheyanne and Elvea

In my opinion I think we should have a year 7 and 8 camp .Because We can learn new games and when we go home we can play it and show the games to our little brother and sister.And you can learn how to cook yummy food and the best thing is going swimming.

Firstly camp is great fun and you get to learn how to play new games. I think that learning new games is cool, so when you go home you can play some of the games you learnt at camp. I hope that we get to learn different kind of games that has skills involved.

Secondly what I like to do is cooking that is one of the best thing .Because you can learn how to cook ,also you can do some cooking at home.For example if you're the oldest and your mum and dad goes to work you might have to cook dinner for your little sisters and brothers and you might not know how to cook.

Last of all going Swimming is the best and also you can get technique. You get to learn how to be safe in the water.But at the same time you get to have free time after kayaking.

Thats why I think we should have a year 7 and 8 camp.

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  1. Hey Cheyanne,

    Great argument about camp, I think that you sure made your point why we should have a year 7 and 8 camp. Maybe next time you could try put more punctuation, and proof read it before you post it on you're blog. Keep up the great work!

    From Taeshell