Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last Wednesday we had A Triathlon it was fun.We had 3 men what was there to help us there names is Mark, Adrian,Brett. There were  three events Water slide ,Biking and running .

The Water Slide was cold but at the same time it was fun.we had to go on the water slide  
4 time that is a lot.My firend did’t come to school with there tog so there had to do running .

Biking was the best you put your hellbat on and then go to your bike.We had to do 2 lap Biking when I got off I feel wobbly.My legs where wobbly like speghieti .

It was time for running I was so wobbly. we had 1 lap on running I was running and running . Taamai came 1th Tayla came 2th Taeshell came 3th.

We got a certific I had one with my name on it.I was happy to get a certific I want to do it again.
thank you Mark and Brett and Adrian for coming and showing us Triathlon.

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