Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cheyanne Camp at Kawau Island

All of the year sixes in room 17,16 and 15  went to kawau island, for camp but some of them stayed at school . Because they didn't pay so they stayed at school for the week when we are having fun.

The thing I liked was jumping off the pontoon it was the best of all but what I didn't like was swimming to the pontoon.The pontoon is a big square in the sea. It was really deep for me and my friend but we had life-jackets.
But the sad thing was I jumped off it at the last minute and that was the time we were going back to school.

The  scariest thing I did was Sailing. I hated  Sailing. Guess what happened to me? when I was sailing I nearly fall out of my bright green boat,But when my boat nearly tepid over there was a lot of water in my boat.

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