Monday, February 10, 2014

A day at the G.I pools

On one Beautiful Sunny day I felt like going somewhere. I won't get sunburned.I was thinking where.One cool idea came to me going to the pools, but I had no one to go with.  

So I texts my friend Taeshell if she wanted to come  and she texts back saying she want to come.I told my dad that I was going to the pools with my friend.My dad asked if I will be aright to walk .I asked can you drop me off at 10.00 clock . It came to 10, “Dad I am ready to go” I went to the car.He dropped me off and asked will you be aright to walk home yup I replied. She was already wait outside.

We stay at her house for a Little bit she got her stuff and things. then we walked down to the Glen Innes pools.When we got there the lady said “how old are you both” “I said 12” and “Taeshell said 12”,she said we are old enough to get in the pool without Supervision. We went and got change in the changing rooms. Taeshell was the first one out.She said “Cheyanne hurry up”.

I was so tempered to bomb in the pool ,I bombed in the pool because of the Lifeguard wasn't there(you are not aloud  to  bomb) .I got out of the pool and Bombed again I didn't know that the lifeguard came back.
I bombed in the pool and when I floating  back up the lifeguard was there. He said “if you bomb ever again you will get kicked out for good”

I really like bombing in the pools but sometime you just have to listen to the older one next time I won't do something that I am not aloud to do.

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  1. Hi Cheyanne,

    This is a great piece of writing about your day at the pools. I enjoyed going for a swim. I like how you separated your story using paragraphs- that is really good to see. Keep up the great work!