Monday, July 28, 2014

My Holidays

During my boring school holidays I pulled out my white phone from the pocket of my pants. Pin number I put in**** ,thinking what I shall do with all this time I have. Texting Taeshell and Anamei  seeing what are they up to in this holiday,NOTHING replying  back with little emotional faces .The first week went a lot faster then I wanted it to.Sunday came we have to wake up super early for church 8.30 till 9.30.Monday, tuesday ,wednesday went buy. Still boring as ever, might as well texts Taeshell and Anamei  if they wanted to come movie ,Taeshell didn't want to so It was all left up to Anamei,Wait tick tock tick tock minute after minute pass finally got a reply from her yes of course I will come.Come to my house tomorrow then.

I looked online for times and movies .Ummm The Fault In Our Stars big bright letters it was like that was the movie we have to watch. Sleep time for me have now come “Good night” I said .I Woke up the next day hot and sunny ,got dressed into shots and a t-shirt .Texts Anamei I'm Ready,same came and picked me up.we walked fast to the train getting our tickets just about to go and sit down a little voice I heard from my right ear “excuse me could you help me get my tickets please” “of course I can” went and help her.Saunter  over to the sit just as I sat the train came. I amble on the train waited to get to Sylvia Park train station. Got off and Saunter over to buy out movie ticket.

Anamei looked in her pocket scrambled some coins out and looked right over at the arcade. Just till our movie starts ok then we will go. I had a lot of fun In the arcade i didn't want to leave and first I didn't want to go in. I focus on the time ohh my god we have to go in .Walked really fast to the man that makes sure you bought a ticket he said “theater ten the new ones” Movies finished  now.Got on the train and went back to Glen Innes and got some hot chips then went home.

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