Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Revolution Tour

This week on wednesday a group called the Revolution tour came to our school to talk to us about bullying and to stop of the main things was hashtag stop the bull (#stopthebull).I think them coming to pt england school was a great opportunity to learn to not to bullying others because if u were in there shoes we wouldn't  like it.


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  1. Cheyanne, I am so pleased to see a cause like "The Revolution Tour" has visited your school. Bullying is a very serious behavior that needs to be dealt with and using a hashtag is a great way to spread awareness about it. I hope that you gained some insight from their visit.
    Also, I wanted to point out that you shouldn't forget to capitalize the name of your school, Pt England, because I'm sure it is a very important school that deserves to have it's name capitalized.

    Keep up the good work!