Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our first Vaipo Family Reunion for 2014

Our first Vaipo family reunion for 2014 was all in the first week of the holidays. I was wishing it will be fantastic instead of boring . There were plenty of other kid’s to play outside. so therefore we spent our whole day outside ,It was pretty awesome to meet my Nana’s side of the family which I have never been in contact them before. The most enjoyable part was that kid’s didn't have to do anything. It came to bed time my parents  went home in a . My cousins and I we slept in the marae and didn't go sleep till late. We only  went to sleep because the old people were getting angry  since we were being too talkative.  

First one awake waiting for the rest to get up .That day we got up for breakfasts then we got change.After we got change at that moment my dad arrived,He ask me If ate ,Yup I did.I went outside and the kids my age were playing handball I said”can I play” My cousin replied back
“yes but wait in line” so I walk over to the line then waited for my true,when it was my true I went on to play then I got out like in 4 minutes.I was thinking to myself I'm good at school but not here.I knew that they were way better then me but How did I get out so fast.The day went really fast It was night time.But we didn't stop playing because it was night we still played outside in the dark.

We did the same thing like getting up and having breakfast.Then we started to play again handball.But that game was getting a bit boring to us so we decided to play touch.It was blue vs organs why we did that was because at the family reunion we have to wear diffident colour tshirts and I was in blue.This man took lots of photo there were group one and individual one.The last day he took a photo of the whole family.

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