Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jo Holley

Hello my name is Cheyanne and on tuesday at assemble we had a special guest  come to our school guest who came to our school? if you guest Jo Holley you are right.

On the 11th of september Jo Holley came to our school she said that she went around the round
the bout 5 time wow .  She is from Gisborne and she is really pretty.

We sing 6 snog and we had visitors  and they names was Ron, and Auston. The two visitors were from the Bucklands Beach Lions Club. These special people helped give out the books.

Taamai went to get room 17’s box of books. At assemble she talk and talk to us she was on movie and tv. I want to see some of her movies or on TV. I think it was great to have her come to our school THANK YOU FOR COMING TO OUR SCHOOL JO

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