Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Made Up Story By Cheyanne

One day I went to the Point England beach with my friend,Alex, Katy and my Mum. After, We decided to have a swim. But to be on the safe side we swam where my mum could see us Than she look away.

My Mum Looked away and something happened. Alex got pushed off A rock by Katy, and got badly hurt on the rock. When My Mum looked back she said “where is Alex”, but instead of telling the truth I said “ he walked home”.

Mum said, “Why did you let Alex go I am looking after him”. “If something happens when he is walking home what am I going to do”. Alex’s mum and dad are going to be very upset.

I Told My Mum that Alex was badly hurt. He is there my Mum ran to Alex.He is badly hurt who did it Katy I said how did she do it I said she pushed him off the rock. My Mum called Alex's is Mum and Dad to come he went to the hospital and he is all right now.

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