Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats Reflection On Netbook

When I was in Year 4 all we had was books and a pen.Then I was a Year 5 I was still had book and a pen and then we got a Netbook.And now I am a Year 6 And have a Netbook.

I am enjoying my Netbook, what I like is we can share our work with the world.We can learn at home and my family can see what I have been doing at school because we have a google docs.When I do a mistake I can delete it faster.

I am worried about my Netbook screen breaking I do not like  my screen because it is  so little.I have dropped my Netbook befor.

I think that  we need to have a mouse and a video camera and an animating programme. The new Imovie so I can do music and edit movies for my class.

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