Friday, December 28, 2012


Who know what I got for Xmas? I got A phone,smiggle card ,$20,chocolate,more chocolate, Little Cosmetic bag,lip gloss,Rexona,fan,$100,wafer Stick, And that is what I got for Xmas.

Comment  on my blog and say what you got for Xmas .


  1. Oh my! What a haul! You have had an amazing Xmas.
    You asked what I got....well, my family gave me some lovely presents including a set of mini-muffin pans. But my best present was that all my family were home for Xmas

    Mrs Burt

  2. What an awesome Xmas you had Cheyanne, your so lucky. You asked what I got well..... I got the same thing as you, a phone. I also got $50 from my Dad, but the phone from my Mum. I loved having my family over my house though, I think that having my family over was my best present.

    From Taeshell