Friday, August 22, 2014

life Education Trust

Class 3 has been going to life education with Lynn and it has now finished. I’ve learnt a lot from going to life education .The whole point of going there is to make the right choices in life and don’t mess it up with silly choices Lynn told us if we make the right choices we can get somewhere in life and  get a good job if we don't we can’t get a job or do anything with our lives.   

I have learnt how people  choose dug and why they do drugs  sometimes they do drugs for friends and some people just do it for fun and try to be cool. Drugs can affect our bodies really bad you can sometimes die from it if you go overboard with it. Some people think that drug do nothing to you, but really they do and they can .

Family can be badly affected if you take drugs sometimes they will  stay right away from you because they will be scared of you what you might do to them when you don't give them things they wants to have .

Alcohol can slow your neurons down  ,when you are in a car at the red lights you are suppose to stop but when you have alcohol   it slow the neutrons down and you could hit someone or be in a car crush, just from having some drinks .

lynn said drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs ,make a good choice.

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