Friday, August 15, 2014


tball  got made after basketball. A year after basketball was   made in 1891, Netball competitions appear in different countries .
There must be at least 7  players in each team one of them must play centre and the rest goal  shoot ,Goalkeeper ,Wing attack , Wing defence ,Goal attack  and goal defence  playing opposite from each team  .Netball is popular in Commonwealth countries , and is played by over 20 million people globally . It is  a women's sport, although male play netball in  some countries,also  in New Zealand.
Netball was Woman's Basketball. Until 1970 they changed the name to Netball by the Australian Women’s Basketball team . At the same time it became known as the All Australia Netball team In 1995, netball became an Olympic sport but it has  not been in the Olympic Games yet.
The aim of the game is to compete with  each other teams and also to get more goal than the other team and try to win the game.
Netball is played in four quarters each  quarter is fifteen minutes. There are breaks  of three minutes between the first and second quarters the third and fourth quarter Breaks  is five minutes long ,the game is 60 minutes long each.

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