Thursday, June 26, 2014

Addition/ Subtraction consolidation

Add/Sub W8
Andrea collects 73 Skittles. Andrea's father gives Andrea 56 more. How many Skittles does Andrea have?
Joshua has 62 cards. Christina has 64 cards. If Christina gives all of her cards to Joshua, how many cards will Joshua have?
If there are 266 pencils in a box and Bridget puts 44 more pencils inside, how many pencils are in the box?
Harold has 153 marbles. He gets 16 more from Steve. How many marbles does Harold have in all?
If there are 79 blocks in a box and Christine puts 15 more blocks inside, how many blocks are in the box?

Denise removes 5 bananas from a jar. There were originally 46 bananas in the jar. How many bananas are left in the jar?
Arthur removes 29 pencils from a jar. There were originally 187 pencils in the jar. How many pencils are left in the jar?
Joyce starts with 275 apples. She gives 59 to Larry. How many apples does Joyce end with?
Rachel removes 47 bottle caps from a jar. There were originally 283 bottle caps in the jar. How many bottle caps are left in the jar?
Michael weighs 87 kilograms. Douglas weighs 52 kilograms. How much heavier is Michael than Douglas?
Pentagons Continue

Anne had 65 cents. She found 25 cents on the sidewalk. She bought a bag of chips for 55 cents. How much money did Anne have then?
Jeff had 58 stickers.He used 16 of them this morning. He gave 10 to his friend Ed.How many stickers did Jeff have then?
The movie theater has 95 seats.51 children and 24 adults went to the early show. How many seats were empty?
Trevor did his math homework for 16 minutes. He did his spelling homework for 12 minutes.He practiced the piano for 15 minutes. How much more time did Trevor spend doing homework?
Angela spent the day at the beach.She saw 12 children swimming in the ocean.  15 children were playing in the sand. 20 children were splashing in the pool.
How many children did Angela see at the beach?
There were 24 sailboats and 25 motor boats in the harbor. 13 boats sailed out to sea.
How many boats remained in the harbor?
Monica's father cooked 20 hamburgers. Kurt's dad cooked 38 hamburgers. 45 hamburgers were eaten. How many hamburgers were left?
The Happy Habitat had 21 koala bears.
They had 15 panda bears.
11 bears were moved to another zoo.
How many bears were left?
Sparky had 28 balls.
He buried 10 in the garden and 6 behind the garage.
How many balls did Sparky have left?
Brett made a bowl of Lucky Letters cereal.
He counted 57 consonants and 22 vowels.
After eating some cereal, he counted only 35 letters.
How many letters did Brett eat?

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