Wednesday, June 18, 2014

School Social

As I race home when I heard the bell ring .Rushing in the door not even a single word out of my mount said .In my room chucking my clothes out of my draw.Mum I yell out I have nothing to wear I need to go and find something for tonight  .Mum give me a answer back saying give me five minutes.I went to the car thinking what am I going to wear.When Mum came out  with her bag and sunglass on she got in the car.I ask her Mum what do you think I should go as.She give me that look  that she was thinking umm she said out loud I think you should go as winnie the pooh.At first I was like narhh I dont want to go in a onsize Then when we got to the shop I try it on I like it I will get this We bort it and went home.

About 5.45 I got a call guess who it was ???  Taeshell ,Well I answer My phone she said she was outside my house I looked out the window I saw a car and she was standing outside the door I was like oh yup wait I have to get in to my onsize wait I wont take long. We got to school walking in the door paying me in.I could feel myself getting quite nervous.Walking in the hall there wasn't much people in there.I did not really feel like dance it got darker the more pelpoe came.

I was waiting for Raeleen.She said she was going to come.Tick tock The cock went later the time was getting.I was just sitting there nexts to Ana and Paige Taeshell went and done something ,all I heard was Cheyanne from Taeshell little voice calling out.I turned around looking straight at her,it was kind of blurry as I look.She said look raeleen hear I ran over and I jumped on her Yay you're here.I thought you were not coming because you were late .Taeshell and Realeen went to sit down well I went to dance.we had to slow dance with someone I didn't know how to show dance with I ask Teashell if she wants to she didn't want to but I said It will be fun and quick so she got up and off we went to the dance floor.she had enough so we went and sat  down.

The Best custom had to go on the stage I wasn't going to go up  but they said my name so I kind of had too. When I went up we had to dance I wasn't dancing I was a bit shy when I went up.It was chering time I dont like that part because what if they dont cher for you lucky enough  they did for me.

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