Monday, June 30, 2014

First Swimming Lesson For 2014

The night before having our first swimming lesson for 2014 running around looking  for my togs,where are they getting a bit annoyed that I can't find them, constantly staring at all my clothes on the ground  this bright white t-shirt popped right out then I saw my black shorts my night is just getting better “I've got  something to where i'm so relieved.
The day we started swimming,
it was exciting, walking really fasted to the Glen Innes aquatic center. Went in the changing room ready for and fantastic time in the pools got changed. Hoped with joy I went and sat down with the rested of the class waited for our test and our instructor to see what group she would put us in.
People after people my time came for my turn to get tester. Serving as I were getting in. 
When I got out of the pool Jackie told me I'm in one that's the highest group. The reaction on my face was like I won lots of money. “Yay I said i'm in one” jumped up and down i’m so proud of myself.  
Walking over to the big pool so happy but at the same time anxious of what would be the given tasks.It came to the end of swimming time the lasted day was so much fun we got few minutes of free times then we got changs and walked back to school soon as we got back to school I was off back to home.

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